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"Aiming For Excellence"
Residential Construction Experts

Being a home owner brings pride of ownership. Room additions and home upgrades of any kind can be one of the best investments you can make. Building a family room, adding a bedroom or bathroom, or expanding your kitchen can add wonderful new living space to your home.

If you could build a home that was healthier for your family as well as the environment would you? More people than ever are concerned with the carbon footprint their homes are leaving on the earth, but now, using environmentally friendly building materials, your new home can be a sustainable home that actually benefits the surrounding environment and is healthier for your family at the same time. UOS carefully selects its products to make sure that all our construction materials are as green friendly as possible.

From installing crown molding, adding or replacing windows and skylights, adding or removing walls, electrical rewiring or expansion, solar panels, painting and texturing, plumbing, and cement work; UOS strives to ensure that your home remodeling projects not only meet, but exceed your expectations. On time and on budget, it is what we do